successfully data recovery from damaged Harddisk

successfully data recovery from damaged Hard disk successfully data recovery from damaged Hard disk Incredible News! We have effectively recovered all information from a inaccessible hdd for our client Toshiba 1 TB 3.5″ HDD: In another case, we accomplished 100% recuperation from a Toshiba 1 TB Desktop HDD that was not recognized. In spite of […]

Recover Data from Dead SSD successful case

Issue Reported: Client says suddenly SSD not detected in laptop. How to Recover Data from Dead SSD? Recover data from dead SSD drives after a major malfunction. Time-sensitive data is what matters most. Consumers use Solid State Drives due to their increased speed in reading and jotting data. therefore, cover your important data before disaster […]

Hard Drive Recovery in Dhaka Bangladesh

HDD Data Recovery

Trust Data Recovery BD is the top Recovery Provider in Dhaka Bangladesh. Hard drive data recovery is the process of restoring lost lines from laptops, desktops, waiters, or any other computer system that relies on hard fragment drives( HDDs) for data storehouse. Trust data recovery bd is a Stylish hard drive recovery in Bangladesh, we offer the stylish set of options for safe, affordable hard drive recovery. At Data Recovery Specialists, we understand how important your data is. Whether you ’re an transnational mammoth like Microsoft or a pupil who’s deleted his thesis, we’re committed to recover your hard drive as snappily and bring effectively as possible. Last time, we regularly recovered data from hard drives that other data recovery companies said was insolvable. Hard fragment drives are perfection instruments, so they need to be handled with care. Desktop or garçon hard drives do not handle shocks veritably well. Laptop computer hard drives are erected to handle further shock but are still fragile. Putting one down on a table will […]

How to check harddisk health

6 Ways to Check Hard Disk Health in Windows 1. Check Hard Disk Health From the BIOS 2. Optimize and Defrag 3. Use the HDD Manufacturer’s Tools 4. Windows CHKDSK Tool 5. Use WMIC 6. Use a Third-Party Hard Disk Health Checking Tool CrystalDiskInfo HDD TUNE

Windows Data Recovery BD

Windows Data Recovery BD We are experts in windows data recovery, any data which has been lost in windows of any versions starting from Windows DOS, Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1 to windows 10. Any type of data recovery can be done such as windows got crashed, human error, deleted or formatted, virus infected drives, […]

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services In Dhaka Bangladesh

Hard Disk Drives are generally termed as HDD are majorly used in personal or business Desktop, Laptop, Computers, External or Portable & Servers. HDD data recovery is crucial for personal and business users. We give our best to get back your data because we have handled several thousands of Desktop, Laptop, External or Portable & […]