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Hard Disk Drives are generally termed as HDD are majorly used in personal or business Desktop, Laptop, Computers, External or Portable & Servers.

HDD data recovery is crucial for personal and business users. We give our best to get back your data because we have handled several thousands of Desktop, Laptop, External or Portable & Server Hard Drive Data Recovery cases successfully with the highest accuracy among industry and companies.

Hard drive Corruption or failures can occur in any way & in any form whether human error, mechanical failure, general wear & tear by usage and age of drive, caused by accident, electrical failure, virus attack, water damages, fire damages, programming bugs or malware etc..

Server SAS Hard Drive Data Recovery: Serially attached SATA drives are mostly used in Server’s which requires high-end performance and longer run without damages, the models and make of drives like Seagate, Western Digital, HP, Fujitsu, Dell, IBM, Maxtor SAS Server Recovery.
Server SCSI Hard Disk: This drive is also called as “Scuzzy” Hard Disk Drives (HDD) mostly used in workstation and servers, the drives typically contain various types of configuration like SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3, Ultra-2, Ultra-3, Ultra-320, Ultra-640. Models: Seagate, Western Digital, HP, Fujitsu, Dell, IBM, Maxtor and other make SCSI 68 Pin and 80 Pin Server and workstation HDD Drive Recovery.

Hard Disk Data Recovery We Support For Following Manufacturer’s:

  • Seagate.
    Western Digital.

Recovery Data From:

✅ Physically Damaged Hard Drive

✅ Slow Loading HDD

✅ Burn Hard Disk Drive

✅ Drive with OS Failure

✅ Drive with volume errors

✅ Broken Read/Write Head & Many More

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Modern hard drives are a technological marvel, containing numerous sensitive components susceptible to physical, electrical, mechanical, and logical failures.

Common problems include bad sectors, read/write head crashes or stiction, PCB failure, and drive motor and bearings issues. All these scenarios cause the hard drive to cease normal operations and require hands-on hard drive repair inside a specialized cleanroom environment.

  • Logical
    Deleted Data
  • Physical
    Read Errors
    Bad Sectors
    Water Damage
    Fire Damage
  • Mechanical
    Motor Malfunction
    Head Crash
    PCB failure
    Firmware Errors
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We provide the best high-end effective and efficient services suitable for the success of your business.

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Trust Data Recovery BD

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