SSD Data Recovery Center Data Recovery Center Bangladesh

SSD Data Recovery Center Data Recovery Center Bangladesh

With adoption of solid-state drive (SSD) technology on the rise the last few years, whether you are using it for the performance/speed boost, believe they are more reliable, or simply like working with the cutting edge of technologies – hardware does fail. When data loss happens TDRCBD can help in your time of need.

SSD technologies vary but at TDRCBD we can recover from the common implementations like SATA etc. but also work with other proprietary connections including:

Apple SSD Data Recovery
Samsung SSD Recovery
Intel SSD Recovery
Crucial SSD Data Recovery
SanDisk SSD Data Recovery
WD Solid State Drive Recovery
Kingston SSD Recovery
Seagate SSD Data Recovery
ADATA SSD Data Recovery
SK Hynix SSD Recovery

SSD Data Recovery center Bangladesh

The SSD data crash are classified with following types
Electronic Shock Damage.
Electronic component wear and tear.
CRC Errors or Bad sectors due to flash degradation.
Controller Failure in SSD due to wear and tear called as physical damages
Electronic circuitry damages due to water or fire incident.
RAID Memory Chips Failure in the Flash Devices.
Mechanical Shock due to fall or sudden hitting on any hard surface.

Encrypted SSD data: we can recover it!
Security is a major concern for individuals and businesses, and as a result many SSDs use either hardware or software based encryption. Recovering data from a failed encrypted SSD
requires another level of data recovery expertise.

Usually, engineers must not only recover the lost data, they must decrypt too. This adds time to the recovery process. At TDRCBD, we apply our proprietary ‘decryption on the fly’
process to drastically reduce the time it takes to decrypt and recover your data. Our pioneering techniques have resulted in industry-high success rates for encrypted SSD recovery.

Our Location:
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ECS Computer City,
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New Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205 Bangladesh
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