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Extremal HDD Data Recovery Center Bangladesh

Extremal HDD Data Recovery Center Bangladesh

LOST DATA? Trust Data Recovery BD  CAN HELP.
Data Recovery services for External USB, FireWire, or NAS Hard Drives


As more and more people save ‘media rich content’ locally, external hard drives have quietly become the largest growing segment of storage technology over the past few years. These cost-effective hard drives provide ample storage for small and medium sized businesses, home users and even large companies to store vast amounts of data files, photos, music and movies. Users have multiple storage options ranging from USB connectivity to FireWire technology or they can use a NAS and access the external hard drive’s storage space over their local network.


Data Recovery BD

Common reasons external hard drives fail:

Impact (dropped or knocked over)
Electrical Failure / Surge
Poor Manufacturing
Bad Parts in the Manufacturing Process
Fire / Water Damage
Operator Error
Older than the average life of 3 years
Immediately turn off your external drive
Disconnect it from your computer and power supply
Do not to try any type of recovery or check disk on your failed external hard drive
If it was dropped, knocked over or is making unusual sounds, DO NOT turn it on!
Call a professional data recovery company


Types of External & Portable Hard Drive Failure
If your hard drive is not working or is making clicking and/or grinding noises, it is probably experiencing a mechanical failure. This could be due to a head crash, motor failure or other issues.

Mechanical failures require a cleanroom environment in order to open the hard drive without causing further potential data loss. Contact one of our Data Recovery Professionals today to discuss the best recovery options for you.

Logical Failures
If your hard drive is working, but you cannot access some or all of your files, then it is likely to be experiencing a logical failure. This could be due to a lost partition or accidental reformatting of the drive.

Common logical data loss issues include file deletion, corruption, or file directory damage from a virus or malicious program. Whatever the cause, TDRCB engineers can give you the best change of recovering your missing data.


Trust Data recovery center Bangladesh
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Trust Data Recovery center BD

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Trust Data Recovery BD

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