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Trust Data Recovery BD offers the most reliable and economic hard disk data recovery services in Bangladesh. If you are facing the issue of a crashed system OS, or nor able to start your PC to get access to your data, then we are the right data recovery service provider to be contacted. We have the right team and systems that can help in recovering your inaccessible data and restoring it. You just need to give us a call and we will be there to help you out with any kind of data recovery services. Trust Data Recovery BD believes in providing the best data recovery services to our customers and making sure that they return happy with their data. Overall, data recovery is not an easy task and requires a high level of self-application, dedication, and expertise.

When it comes to professional services of hard drive data recovery near you, Trust Data Recovery BD will be your prime destination. Here are some of the physical and logical hard disk failure scenarios that can be successfully fixed by our expert hard disk repair services in Bangladesh. We know how valuable and precious the data are for you and hence try our best to come up with full-fledged data recovery services without any kind of data loss. The best and most contemporary data recovery tools and techniques are used so that we can recover all the data without any issues.

Best in Class Disk Recovery Service

There is a clicking or ticking sound while the external hard drive is spinning.

  • The external hard disk experiences a fall and gets damaged.
  • Other potential mechanical issues for the hard drive such as the damage or breaking of the Read/Write heads, the damaged heads parked into the ramps, damage to the hard drive platter due to head failure, jammed motor, etc., can be rectified by our skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Burning or malfunctioning of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or other electrical issues.
  • Corrupted or damaged hard drive firmware (ROM modules and service information modules).
  • Potential scratches on the HDD’s magnetic disk surface.
  • Physical damages are caused by fire or water.
  • Other failures and damages to the HDD.Trust Data Recovery BD

Logical Damage

Physical Damage

Crash Hard Drive Recovery

Here are some of the root causes of logical hard drive failures:

  • Errors on the Master Boot Record (MBR) due to driving failures or infection from the virus.
  • OS Errors that are caused by malfunctioning hardware components
  • Deletion or loss of Data
  • Improper and unexpected shutdown of the system
At Trust Data Recovery BD‘s service center in Bangladesh, our customers will be able to get access to top-quality services of physical and logical hard drive data recovery. The most striking feature of our data recovery service is that we do it with a high level of dedication and the chances of data loss are close to nil.When it comes to the recovery of a crashed hard drive in India, Trust Data Recovery BD is the ideal data recovery company that you can rely upon. With the most advanced tools and software, we are able to pull out all your lost data in less time and our customers are always happy with our data recovery services.

Typical Hard Drive Symptoms
Hard Disk Drive Clicking Clicking Noises
Strange clicking sounds coming from your hard drive are normally indicative of a head crash. These noises are caused when the read/write head in the drive reaches the edge of the platter, and data recovery is typically successful as long as the platters are not scratched.

Noisy Hard Drive Grinding or Screeching
Grinding and screeching sounds indicate that parts of the hardware – such as the motor or spindle – are failing. Although this results in a time-consuming data recovery process, there is a high chance of saving your precious data with professional data recovery techniques.

Not Recognized Not Recognized by BIOS
While it is difficult to define the cause of your drive not being recognized, it could be due to anything from an issue with power reaching the drive to a blown component on the PCB board to a serious head crash. Make sure your SATA cable is tightly connected, as they can sometimes come loose.

Firmware Issues Firmware Issues
The firmware is like the operating system of the hard drive, and without it, the drive wouldn’t even spin. As such, firmware failures can be devastating. Typically, we can simply re-flash the firmware, although we may need to rebuild it from the source code if this fails.

Corrupted Disk Logical Failure
If the hard drive is recognized by your machine, but you’re unable to perform any read/write tasks, it’s likely the file structure is corrupted. In this scenario, the chances of a full data recovery are high, as long as the data hasn’t been overwritten.


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