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Most businesses and institutions use some type of encryption to cover sensitive data. In some cases, encryption is fairly necessary when lines contain data subject to civil regulations. ultramodern ciphers give nearly perfect protection, but encryption poses some challenges for data recovery masterminds.
Common failure scripts for encrypted systems include
πŸ‘‰Physical Hard Drive or RAID Damage
πŸ‘‰Accidental File Deletion or Formatting
πŸ‘‰Corruption Due to Encryption Software
πŸ‘‰Other File Corruption and Bad Sectors
πŸ‘‰Virus Damage
πŸ‘‰Electronic Damage
Encryption Types We Recover:
BitLocker Data Recovery from Encrypted Windows and Mac Drives.
PGP Encryption.
Mc-Cafe Safe boot & Endpoint full disk Encryption Data Recovery.
Symantec Endpoint Encryption (Boot disk, Endpoint full disk Encryption).
True Crypt Encryption Drives.
Check Point Full Disk Encryption.
File Vault & FileVault 2 Encryption recovery for Mac Hard Drives.
Safeguard Encryption recovery.
File encryption like EFS encryption in windows.
Sophos Safeguard Encryption.
What to Do if You Cannot Access Your Encrypted Data
If you can’t access your encrypted data, Drive Data Recovery is here to help. If you are unable to open your encrypted data, follow these steps immediately to improve your chances of fully recovering your data:
Safely turn off your device by holding down the power button or properly eject the device.
Remove all cables connected to your drive and remove the drive, if possible.
Do not attempt to restore device power or use free data recovery software found on the web. This software often causes greater damage to the device and can make recovery impossible.

Signs your encrypted drive may be damaged
There are basically 4 levels of data encryption:

Full-disk encryption
File-level encryption
Transparent data encryption
Application encryption
Hard drive and SSD (solid-state drive)
Data can be lost from encrypted hard disk drives and SSDs through physical damage or issues such as virus attacks and overwriting of files. Since RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) are made up of multiple hard drives or SSDs, can be crippled in similar fashion too.

Common signs of an encrypted hard drive or SSD failing are:

Frequent error messages
Frequent crashes, particularly when booting up
Long waiting time to access data
Folders and file names becoming scrambled
USB flash drive
Encrypted data on a USB flash drive can be corrupted by improper ejection of the device from a computer or burn-out of the flash memory controller chip.

Signs of problems with an encrypted USB include:

Issues reading or writing files
Disk Needs Formatting message when the memory stick is inserted
No power to the memory stick

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